AAHA's 2012 Practice of the Year

Because your pet deserves no less.


About AAHA

When the AAHA accredits a veterinarian clinic, it implies that the highest levels of veterinary quality have been achieved across a wide range of parameters. Accreditation is a voluntary process; only around 3,500 of North America’s roughly 40,000 veterinary operations are accredited.

Practice Of The Year

Each year, AAHA selects one practice as its practice of the year. It is the highest honor that a veterinary clinic may receive. We were named AAHA’s practice of the year in 2012! We are quite proud of this achievement because just a few veterinary practices have ever been selected!

What It Means

Simply put, it means you can rest assured that your dog or cat is receiving the best veterinary care available anywhere on the planet. It’s all about them, after all!

Wellington Veterinary Hospital
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AAHA Accreditation

Did you know that animal hospitals can choose to be accredited or not? Isn’t it surprising? When it comes to veterinary hospitals, nearly 60% of pet owners assume theirs is accredited when it is not. In reality, only 12-15 percent of animal hospitals have gone through the American Animal Hospital Association’s certification process (AAHA). We take pride in being an AAHA-accredited hospital.

All human hospitals that serve people with Medicare in the United States must be recognized by an accrediting body, and they must undergo regular reviews and quality inspections to ensure they fulfill quality standards in every element of medical care. However, because it is not required by law, not all animal hospitals choose to pursue AAHA accreditation. Accreditation in the field of pet health care is entirely optional. The certification procedure is time-consuming and tough, and not every veterinary facility wants to go through it.

AAHA accredits animal hospitals based on nearly 900 veterinary quality standards. Every three years, hospitals are subjected to a thorough inspection by veterinary professionals in order to preserve their certification. State and provincial standards vary greatly; for example, some states do not frequently audit hospitals, only doing so when a pet owner files a complaint. AAHA accreditation is the gold standard for veterinary quality, and it is the same in all 50 states and provinces (AAHA accredits hospitals in both the U.S. and Canada).