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Veterinarian in Wellington, CO

Feline Friendly

We understand that owning a cat can be difficult and frightening. We want to provide your animals with the personalized care they deserve.

Feline Friendly in Wellington, CO

We are a Feline-Friendly certified practice, which means we go to great measures to ensure your cat is as relaxed as possible throughout their visit. Your cat thinks they’re a big deal. We feel the same way!

You’re a feline. People used to worship you because you’re so great. But none of this has gotten to your head. You don’t ask for much. You just want to go to the vet and be pampered. You want to be whisked away to your feline-only chamber right away. You don’t want to look at those dogs, or even smell them. That is why you enjoy Wellington so much. We understand. So, felines, take a seat on your throne.

Did you know that the cat is America’s #1 companion, according to a poll? In reality, there are 10 million more cats than dogs in the United States. The problem is that cats visit the veterinarian less frequently than dogs.

We at Wellington Veterinary Hospital are dedicated to changing this trend. We understand that cats, like dogs, profit tremendously from regular preventative care and are committed to making your cat’s visit a pleasant experience for both of you.

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