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Veterinarian in Wellington, CO

Who is Wellington Veterinary Hospital

Where Compassion meets Excellence.

About Wellington Veterinary Hospital

We opened the first animal hospital in Wellington, CO in 1999. Wellington had a population of around 2500 people at the time. We adore this community and the people that make it up; our participation and work here means the world to us.
Wellington Veterinary Hospital

We’re in this together.

Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for you. You’ll feel like a true partner here. To us, you are an essential part of our approach, from discovering the core cause of any concerns with your pet to answering any questions you may have, to the decision-making process. You will be heard, cared for, and valued here. We do what we do because of you.

We recognize the importance of our professions and take our responsibilities extremely seriously. Calling your dog or cat a “pet” doesn’t seem to do them justice – they’re a constant companion, a confidant, and a family member. And you need to know that you’re providing them with the greatest possible care, with no compromises. You won’t find anything less here.