Fear Free Certified Professionals

One of the most revolutionary ideas in veterinary care has been the Fear Free movement.

Wellington Veterinary Hospital

It’s a different perspective on our responsibilities. For a long time, a pet’s tension and anxiety during a visit to the veterinarian was simply considered part of the process. That is no longer the case. To lessen your pet’s worry and tension when visiting us, we combine cutting-edge science and a genuinely empathic approach. This is done in a variety of ways, including the music we play, the scents we use, the way we teach our personnel, and the layout of our waiting area. We feel that your pet’s emotional health is important. Because they’re family to us.

The objective of Wellington Veterinary Hospital is to reduce anxiety, stress, and fear in pets while at the same time educating and inspiring those who care for them. Fear Free’s goal is to get your pet out of terrified. We will use a variety of innovative techniques to relieve your pet’s fears, anxieties, and tension. You will notice the use of soothing pheromones, relaxing music, warm towels, catnip, high-value treats with positive meaning (nose touch), staff that understands basic dog body language and behavior without being pushy or mean.