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Preventative Care

We believe that it is much easier to prevent diseases than it is to treat them!
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Pet Preventative Care in Wellington, CO

We also feel that each patient is an individual with their own set of circumstances that might help us choose what kind of preventative treatment they require.

Preventive care, often known as wellness, is critical in assisting your pet to live a long and healthy life. When most people think of preventive care for their pets, they usually picture vaccines. While vaccinations are essential, other cornerstones of preventative care must be considered.

Exams – An examination at Wellington Veterinary Hospital is more than a physical checkup and health assessment. Your veterinarian will get to know and love your pet as an individual during an examination with us. There is no such thing as a typical day in every animal’s life. Our veterinarians take the time to understand your pet, which they use as the basis for medical prescriptions.

Lab Tests – Blood and urine tests can determine if all body systems operate correctly. They also check for hereditary and breed-specific health problems and chronic disorders such as kidney and liver disease. Early detection and treatment of chronic illnesses ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy life with you and your family. Early treatment of chronic or age-related conditions is less expensive and carries less risk than emergency care once the condition deteriorates.

Parasite Screening – Intestinal parasites can seriously harm your pet, but they are also simple to avoid. The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) and our veterinarians advocate for twice-yearly intestinal exams. It is critical to the health of your entire family Preventive deworming against parasites such as roundworm, which may infect both humans and animals and produce serious illnesses, is essential.

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